Introducing Daikin’s new Streamer Air Purifier range – improving Indoor Air Quality with market-leading, patented technology

Streamer Air Purifiers

Daikin's new range of Air Purifiers featuring Streamer Technology are designed to continuously capture, suppress and break down bacteria, odours and pollutants such as mould, pollen, allergens, formaldehyde, traffic pollution and dust. Adding to the list of benefits, the range is approved by the National Asthma Council’s Sensitive Choice® program.

Through independent testing, Streamer Technology was shown to:
  1. Eliminate Pollen – more than 99.6%1 in 2 hours
  2. Eliminate Mould – more than 99.9%2 in 24 hours
  3. Eliminate Allergens – more than 99.61%1 in 24 hours

Dan Tosh, National Marketing Manager, Daikin Australia said, “With Australian’s spending around 90% of their time indoors*, Daikin is more invested than ever in ‘Perfecting the Air’ through its innovative and effective climate control and purifying solutions – helping ensure the range of pollutants that can impact overall wellness and potentially lead to serious health problems, are minimised.

“This range of Air Purifiers is the latest in our line-up to deliver on optimising indoor air quality. The result is a comfortable, clean and healthy living environment.”

The filtration process

The Streamer Air purifier features four vertical filtration layers which help remove pollutants that cause poor IAQ.

The first filtration layer is the Prefilter which is fitted to the Air Purifier’s triple bottom intake.

The Air Purifier draws polluted air from the room and the Prefilter traps larger particles such as dust, dirt and allergens to ensure unrestricted operations of the downstream filtration elements.

Next, the air stream meets with the second filtration layer, the Daikin Streamer. This technology features a high-power plasma discharge that generates high-speed electrons to decompose harmful substances. The powerful oxidative decomposition process then continuously removes odours, bacteria and air pollutants from the indoor environment. Compared to standard plasma discharge, the speed of the oxidative decomposition process is over 1000 times greater with the same electrical power.

The third filtration layer is the Electrostatic HEPA Filter which removes fine particles down to 0.3μm with an efficiency of up to 99.97%3. This ensures that fine particles such as smoke & bacterium are captured; and only clean, purified air is reintroduced into the room through the top discharge panel.

Finally, we have the Deodorising filter. This filter works in conjunction with the Streamer to continuously remove odours from the airstream.

Sensors monitor and indicate IAQ levels

IAQ levels in the home can be monitored with the highly sensitive Triple Detection Sensor on top of the unit which displays dust, odour and PM2.5 concentration levels. The display features a simple gradient of colour coded LEDs that reflect the IAQ state of a room. Through this, users can easily determine the condition of their room IAQ at-a-glance and its improvement over time.

Remote operation

For added comfort and convenience, the range is whisper-quiet while running and can be operated remotely with an easy-to-use wireless controller4. Econo Mode effectively adjusts the operating mode based on contamination levels to utilise up to 35% less power, while Turbo Mode activates a period of high-power operation for quick removal of pollutants, useful for when there is a sudden increase of occupants in the room.

Humidification setting for increased comfort

For the drier regions of Australia, where issues such as dry skin, eczema and allergy triggers may be more prevalent, Daikin’s Air Purifier with Built-In Humidifier** may help improve comfort by increasing the humidity levels in a room. This technology allows users to set their desired humidity levels and provides a live read via the humidity monitor display.

Range details

The Steamer Air Purifier Range consists of three models to suit different room sizes starting from 62m² to larger rooms of up to 82m²***.


The MC40YPVM & MC55YPVM Streamer Air Purifiers will be available from 15 November. The MCK55YPVM will be available on 1 December ̶̶ all Streamer Air Purifiers will be available via Daikin’s extensive dealer network.

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  1. Verified at Wakayama Medical University with the following test condition: Irradiated allergens with Streamer & checked decomposition of allergen proteins by either the ELISA method, electrophoresis or electron microscopy.
  2. Verified at Japan Food Research Laboratories using antibacterial test/mould elimination test (test number: 204041635-001).
  3. Verified by the test method of The Japan Electrical Manufacturers’ Association Standard JEM1467. It is the initial removal performance of the filter. It is different from the removal performance for the entire room.
  4. MCK55YPVM and MC55YPVM models.

Why choose Daikin?

Experts in Air Conditioning

Experts in Air Conditioning

Specialist Dealer Network

Specialist Dealer Network

Quality After Sales Support

Quality After Sales Support

Sensitive Choice® Approved

Sensitive Choice® Approved

Where to buy Daikin

A Daikin Specialist Dealer will assess, plan and install the right air conditioning solution for you, with creativity and sensitivity to the needs of your family or business.

*All appointed Daikin specialist dealers are independently owned and operated businesses
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