Why should I choose Altherma?

There are a number of pivotal reasons why you should choose Altherma as your heating solution:

1. Daikin's Altherma system utilises free heat from the ambient air to maintain ideal comfort conditions in your home, which is coupled with Daikin's intelligent inverter technology to make your energy savings even greater. Unlike conventional air conditioners that constantly start and stop to control room temperature, a Daikin inverter continuously adjusts the power to suit the temperature in the room for a more comfortable, energy efficient home.

2. Even in the coldest weather, the Altherma system is still able to extract heat energy from the ambient air. In the event there is insufficient heat in the outdoor air, Altherma is equipped with a back-up heater to cover the shortfall.

3. Daikin's Altherma solution provides easy and flexible installation and options*. This system is ideal for new homes as the underfloor piping can be installed during the construction phase, and for existing homes the piping can be connected to radiators installed around the house. And with the ability to connect a Daikin domestic hot water tank to your Daikin Altherma system, hot water can be supplied to your home all year round with this comprehensive home heating solution.

4. Altherma works without the need for fossil fuels like oil, flammable gas (LPG, Natural) or other hazardous substances, thus reducing potential risks and your systemÍs environmental impact. Furthermore, there is no need for a gas connection or a fuel tank and their associated costs.

5. Altherma's hydronic system circulates heat energy throughout your home using hot water rather than air. Water's high heat transfer coefficient means Altherma uses smaller diameter piping and lower convector/radiator fan speeds than conventional air conditioning systems, resulting in lower operating noise levels in your home.

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A Daikin Specialist Dealer will assess, plan and install the right air conditioning solution for you, with creativity and sensitivity to the needs of your family or business.

*All appointed Daikin specialist dealers are independently owned and operated businesses
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