How can I save energy while using my air conditioner?

  1. Set your air conditioner to the recommended temperature setting.
    • Cooling: 24.0-26.0°C
    • Heating: 20.0-22.0°C
  2. Cover windows with blinds or curtains.
    • Blocking sunlight and air from outside will help increase the cooling or heating effect.
  3. Keep the air filters clean.
    • To prevent clogged air filters, you should clean your air conditioner filters within the indoor unit every two weeks. This will prevent inefficient operation and energy wastage.
    • To watch a video on “How to” clean your Daikin filter visit this link
    • To request a quote from your local Daikin Specialist Dealer for a service visit this link
  4. Turn off the air conditioner at night when you sleep.
    • Evenings are naturally cooler. You can take advantage of this by opening a window and allowing the natural cool air to flow through.
  5. Use the built-in timer function to set and forget.
    • By using this function, you can set the temperature, and the hours of operation and it will turn off automatically once your set time has been reached.
  6. Set the temperature to one degree warmer.
    • This will help you cut energy costs by up to 10%.
  7. Turn off heat-emitting appliances.
    • The television, the oven, the computer, and all other appliances generate heat. Turn these appliances off while your air conditioner is operating. This will prevent your air conditioner from working harder to keep the house cool.

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