Daikin ExplorAir Terms of Use & Privacy

Terms of Use and Privacy

Daikin Australia owns, all intellectual property rights all 3D models, photos and other content on or contained in this app and any associated web site (Daikin Australia Content). Although you may share the Daikin Australia Content on such social media networking web sites that this web site is providing links to, Daikin Australia does not grant any license, nor assign or otherwise relinquish its ownership to Daikin Australia Content either to you, the owner of the social media networking web site or any other third party.

The granting by Daikin Australia Pty Limited of a right to share Daikin Australia Content does not include the right to alter, transform or to make derivative works of the Daikin Australia Content. It’s use is expressly restricted to non-commercial purposes only.

All use of Daikin Australia Content other than sharing on social media networking web sites requires express prior written consent from Daikin Australia Pty Limited except where it is for your own personal, non-commercial use. Daikin Australia Pty Limited reserves the right to recall at any time and to take any legal action available to it to prohibit abuse of the attribution of right to share Daikin Australia Content.

Daikin Australia is not responsible, does not endorse and is not liable for any opinion, services, or advertisements available on social media networking web sites. Daikin Australia Pty Limited is not liable for any damage resulting from any direct or indirect use of, or inability to use, this app or any information made available on or via this app.

Usage Data

We collect non-personal information on how you interact with the app via Google Analytics.

Sizing Calculator Suggestion

The Split System kW capacity recommendation is based on the information entered when using the Sizing Calculator feature of the application. It is always best to have this recommendation confirmed by a Daikin Specialist Dealer before proceeding with an installation.

Split System Representation

The Split Systems shown in Augmented Reality are true-to-scale models, which means you can get a realistic sense of its true size in your home. The 3D models of our products also offer a visual representation of design details, texture and colour.

Device Compatibility

iOS – The App can be accessed by iPhone 6s and later, running iOS 11 and above. Android – The App can installed on devices running Android 7.0 or newer (See full list of devices here: )

The results are generated by the app indicative only and should always be verified by an authorised Daikin Specialist Dealer.

Why choose Daikin?

Experts in Air Conditioning

Experts in Air Conditioning

Specialist Dealer Network

Specialist Dealer Network

Quality After Sales Support

Quality After Sales Support

Sensitive Choice® Approved

Sensitive Choice® Approved

Where to buy Daikin

A Daikin Specialist Dealer will assess, plan and install the right air conditioning solution for you, with creativity and sensitivity to the needs of your family or business.

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