Save up to 27% on your Gas Heating Bill

Save up to 27% on your Gas Heating Bill
Gas prices are growing year on year, and experts predict they will continue to climb for years to come.

This is bad news when gas heating amounts to up to 69% of your gas bill!*

Major changes in the gas market have increased the running cost of gas heating appliances for Australians. The amount Australian households pay for gas is heavily influenced by the higher prices gas exporters can obtain from other countries. As a result, Australian households are paying more for gas.**

Households can make considerable savings of up to 27% on their heating running costs by switching to a Daikin split system. Its versatility means that you can rely on one single unit to provide both hot and cold air conditioning comfort throughout the year.

What's more, gas heating just can’t compete with all of the other benefits you’ll enjoy with a Daikin. When you heat with a Daikin split system, it includes a range of features which makes it so energy efficient:

  • Intelligent eye –a human presence sensor allows for the ability to either direct airflow towards you or away from you for draft-free comfort, or if the room is unoccupied for 20 minutes, the unit automatically goes into energy saving mode

  • Comfort mode –guarantees draft-free operation by positioning the louvre downwards to drive warm air to the bottom of the room

  • Powerful mode –if you need to heat the room quickly, powerful mode maximises the power for 20 minutes, before automatically returning the unit to the original setting

  • Smart phone control (optional) –allows you to monitor and control your system from virtually anywhere
  • Daikin’s Research and Development team compared average running costs of a Daikin split system versus a flued gas heating system. This comparison was based on delivering identical heating running times from both options and then calculating the running costs.

    The results? Daikin split systems are up to 27% cheaper to run than flued gas heating.

    Gas Flued Heater Split System
    5 Star Room Space Heater Model: Cora FTXM50Q / RXM50Q
    Calculations: Calculations:
    • Output of Gas Heater = 6 kW (21.6 MJ)
    • Output over 500 hours = 10,800 MJ
    • Gas Consumption over 500 hours = 12,706 MJ
    • Gas cost = 1.667 cent MJ
    • Additional electricity costs (i.e fan and control electronics) = $7.18
    • Total Gas cost = $211.78
    • Total cost of gas heating = $218.96
    • Output of Air Conditioner = 6 kW
    • Output over 500 hours = 3,000 kW/h
    • Electricity consumption over 500 hours = 665 kW/h
    • Electricity cost = 23.947 c kW/h
    • Additional energy electricity costs= $0
    • Total electricity cost = $159.25
    • Total cost of electric heating = $159.25

    Electricity and gas tariffs based on Melbourne residential winter offers at 1 April 2016.
    Energy conversion, 1 kW = 3.6 MJ
    Gas consumption based on High Efficiency 5 Star Room Space Heater (85% conversion efficiency of gas to heat)
    Gas heater electricity consumption = 0.06 kW/h

    When the running cost of heating with a Daikin split system can be up to one third less the cost of heating with gas, Australians need to look at the possibilities.

    Take this opportunity to have a specialist Daikin Dealer provide you with a free quote to heat your home this winter.

    * Sustainability Victoria ‘Victorian Households Energy Report’
    ** The Conversation ‘Ditching Gas heating and cooking could save you hundreds of dollars’

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